John M. Theodoris

Digital Marketing Consultant – Web Designer – IT Professional

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My Name is John M. Theodoris i was borned and raised in Athens. Citizen of the world, Travel enthusiast and a little bit of tech freak! This passion for technology made me what i am today!

My studies are a mix of Information Technology and Marketing. Some years ago when i started my academic education, I.T. and Marketing seem to be completly diffrent, but nowdays they are the main key for a growing business!

Professional Profile

It not easy to combine your job with things you love #not! The best thing in a web based job is that everyone loves web (some people cannot admit it) and this makes my everyday work fun-day!

I can also connect my job with some of my hobbies, for example i love photography, building a site for a photographer or photo editing can be a part of a project! I feel lucky for been paid for spending time in social media & websites!

Customers & Projects

Recent Jobs

2015 – now

Digital Consultant – Web Designer

As a part and co-founder of i manage digital properties including websites and coordinating and supporting our customers. More specific i provide :

  • Digital Marketing Services.
  • Web Design.
  • Sales and Customer Support.

2008 – 2015

Digital & Web Marketing Manager

Working in companies of private sector as a digital expert. At the beginning was in junior positions but as the web was growing up, my skills follow and started becoming a senior member of big web and digital marketing teams. Some of my positions where :

  • Digital Project Manager
  • E-Shop Administrator
  • Content Manager
  • WordPress site designer

2006 – 2012

IT Professional

Don’t forget from where you came! The first position i earned was as a part in an IT team. I learn a lot of how a computer works, how to fix software or hardware problems and many things about networks. My technical skills still follows me, even now that i don’t want to use them as much. I have worked in positions as :

  • IT Manager
  • Network, Software & Hardware Technician
  • Android Devices Technician


This is how i score my skills. There is no man in this planet that can do everything right, but i give the best of my, setting goals and trying hard to achieve them

Digital Marketing
Web Design
Social Media & Adwords
IT Services
Network Support


2011 – 2013

National Technical University of Athens

2002 – 2006

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus

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